Thursday, July 17, 2014

No Chore Day!

Wednesday ended up being a pretty fun day.   Friends showed up when we were eating breakfast at 9:30 because their mom got a text from the night before asking the kids to come over and thought it was from that morning.  The kids looked at me with pleading eyes and so I said, "Sure, play with friends.  We will have a no chore day!"  Of course that was met with cheers.  I was able to get so much done because we had friends over all day long.  I went grocery shop[ping for our reunion and figured out lists for packing.  I finished a book and did a lot of baking.  Whenever Greg is out of town or working late Sarah and I try to get together for dinner since her husband works during dinner most nights.  That night we were ambitious and let everyone make their own little pizzas.  It seemed like a full house since the kids are all growing up.  Everyone loved putting their own toppings on their pizzas.
 Everyone was happy with the end result.  It was a little tough being the moms since our pizzas were last to come out. 
 And if I didn't do enough baking in one day, I also made over 100 cinnamon rolls for our family reunion next week.  Regular, pumpkin and pumpkin with nuts.  It was so hard not to eat any of them.  I can't wait for Tuesday morning!


 The girls got their haircut this week.  Such cuties and we all love having less hair to comb and wash.


 Ryan's baseball barely made it to the State Tournament.  We didn't even know until 1 week before.  I had to, got to, drive to Spanish Fork 3 times in 2 days.  The weather was the worst part being in the 100s for all three games.  It could have been more trips, but unfortunately Ryan's team didn't move on. 
 The first game just Callie and I went.  She was worried about not having anyone to play with but she found a friend quickly.  And then a good friend, Jillian Heap, ended up being there to watch her brother so Callie was surrounded by friends the whole time.  Grandma Pam works right next to the baseball field so she came over to say hi during her lunch break.
We headed back in the afternoon and not surprisingly Callie was asleep when I went to get her out of the car.  But when Annabelle went to unhook her seat belt Callie smiled and "woke up!"  The little faker.  We ate dinner while we watched the game.  Grandma came again and then Uncle Jan stopped by to say hi.
 After the game we got slushes at Sonic. 
 Someone is feeling LOTS better!
Ryan's last game was right during Girl Scouts.  I had already changed the time and didn't want to postpone it again so a teammate took him and I met him there at the end.  It was a disappointing game, but they all walked away with a trophy and a smile.  Ryan is even excited for baseball next year.

Star Gazing

 There was a giant moon last week and so Greg pulled out his Dad's old telescope for an annual night of sky searching.  The moon was awesome and then we also got to look at Saturn's rings.  Maybe someday I will get Greg a really nice telescope. 

Scout Camp

 Nathan went to Camp Tifie for 6 days last week.  It was our first time having a child away for so long.  It was really weird.  I let him take my camera and he brought back some great pictures.
This is the wet garbage after breakfast (cocoa puffs).  Nathan thought it was so gross that he needed a picture.
I swear Nathan has had Twinkies before but he doesn't remember.  He loved the ones his leaders brought.
 These 2 pictures are different views that Nathan thought were really pretty.  I love that he took pictures of nature.
Nathan had a lot of fun with the Chess merit badge.  He came home and wanted to play against everyone.  I don't know chess that well.  But I have learned the moves from Greg and from teaching my cub scouts.  Nathan had such a hard time when I beat him.  He wanted to quit but I made him go all the way.  We of course had to play again and he beat me.  And no, I didn't let him.
We didn't know that Nate could bring pinewood derby cars to race, but he thought this track was pretty cool.

 The leaders sent us emails and pictures throughout the week.  Letting us know our boys were alive and well.  I loved getting them!  For one of Nathan's merit badges he had to build an outdoor shelter and sleep in it overnight.  Him and his friend Cannon worked together (not realized they shouldn't) and spent a semi-wet night out in the open.  Nate said they woke him up at 4:30am to hike a couple miles back to camp.  Nathan took the picture of Cannon in the shelter and his leaders sent me the other one showing he was safe and sound.  Of course the only night it rained was the night they had to do this.
 I went to the temple with the Relief Society Saturday morning, thinking Nathan would be home around 12.  I was so sad that I wasn't there right when he got home at 10ish.  Greg said Callie couldn't stop hugging him. When I got home a lot of his stuff was cleaned up and he was all showered and clean.  We were all so happy he was home!